Andalucia is known as “the bridge between two continents” and “a melting pot of cultures”, and this befits the place perfectly. A direct link between Europe and Africa, and the place where the Mediterranean meets the Atlantic Ocean, Andalucia has been fought over by numerous cultures since the earliest times of civilization.

The gateway to the South, Andalucia coves a huge 87,000 km² and is the largest region in Spain. Its a diverse and exciting region, its history colourful and exotic, I defy anyone to come here and not be effected by the drama of the countryside, and the warm and affection of the Andalucian people. No wonder Northern European's flock here! Whereever you are your stay will be enriched in this warm, welcoming and wonderful region.

The interior between Malaga and Seviile is a delight, you can chose between the pretty inland costal areas, which allow you to be on the beaches within 15 mins, to the hinterland, where you will find glorious lakes, amazing National Parks and a host of white villages where you will be welcomed and charmed within minutes of your arrival!

El Cortijo de Esperanza is located in the heart of Andalusia, which makes it a perfect location to discover the highlighted attractions you can find near to El Cortijo de Esperanza.


Whitewashed villages
(following the footsteps of Washington Irving Click this Link)

- Ronda  50  km - with its impressive canyon and bridges   Click this Link 
- Antequera  40 km - It is known as "the heart of Andalusia" (el corazón de Andalucía) because of its central location between Málaga, Granada, Córdoba, and Seville   Click this Link
- Osuna  20 km - with by UNESCO declared the nicest street in europe   Click this Link
- Estepa  15 km -   Click this Link
- Pedrera  3 km -   Click this Link

Natural parks:

El Chorro  40 km -  is a limestone gorge with its famous "The King's little pathway"   Click this Link
El Torcal  40 km - is one of the most impressive karst landscapes in Europe   Click this Link
Laguna de Fuente Piedra  30 km -  with its reknown Flamingos Lake   Click this Link

Important cities near El Cortijo:

Cordoba  105 km  -  This is a landlocked province , bordered by Malaga, Seville, Jaen and Granada. Home to the Moors for centuries, much famed for its fino sherry, olives and beautiful women! Cordoba city is a marvel, bursting with history, the surrounding towns and villages no less interesting. A great province for rural tourism businesses.

Granada  130 km - Exotic and sensual, you can feel the throb of the flamenco guitar as soon as you set foot in Granada! and what a province - ski resort, fabulous beaches, rugged mountain villages and fabulous nature parks.  Granada is a fantastic modern city , with a jewel in the crown - the staggering Alhambra Palace.  Home to many Northern European's, this province has something for everyone. But beware, in the winter the Alpujarras and the Sierra's are bitterly cold! That said, just jump on the brand new motoway from Granada to Motril and you will be basking in the winter sunshine in less than 30 mins !

Malaga  90 km -  "The gateway to the Costa del Sol". The provincial capital is the second largest city in Andalucia and possibly one of the most vibrant, atmospheric and historic in Spain, with its centre with wide leafy boulevards, endearingly dilapidated streets and buildings, museums and monuments all set against the backdrop of the sparkling blue Mediterranean. You can still enjoy " real Spain " without living on the busy Costas, explore the pretty villages in the immediate inland regions behind the Coast.

Seville  110 km -  Sexy, vibrant, historic, the place of choice for Kings and Queens, past and present. Its about as exciting and exotic as a place can be. Outwards from the town are some fabulous villages, dating back to Roman Times, Carmona, Medina Sedonia, Osuna, Estepa to name but a few.